Morning Boost

Morning Boost

Start your day with intention, mindfulness + movement with our Morning Boost Yoga.

Quick videos intended to help you begin your day with your highest potential in mind.

Start your day on your mat and notice the way your intention shifts throughout the day.

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Morning Boost
  • Sun Salutation B - En R Gee

    More fun with sun salutations! Sun B is a great way to build energy and really get your heart and lungs working. Do it alone or add it to one of our other Yoga Quickies for just the right amount of movement for you.

  • Sun Salutation - Peppermint

    A little bit of movement goes a long way. Enjoy the simple, repetitive movements of a classic Sun Salutation as a way to make a shift during your day.

  • Balanced Flow with Lavender

    This 30 minute practice focuses on creating balance within the body as a way to calm the mind. Perfect for the student with a little bit of experience, and accessible for new yoga students as well.

    Featuring Young Living's Lavender Essential Oil.

  • Morning Glory - The 5 Tibetan Rites

    Up your energy level and zero-in your focus with these 5 simple ancient movements. Known as the 5 Tibetan Rites these energy boosters will leave you feeling strong and clear-minded. Perfect for first thing in the morning or any time you need a boost.

  • Yoga Flow for Focus - Orange + Peppermint

    For the days when you need a little more.
    More focus.
    More movement.
    More breath.

    This flow will meet you right at the edge of your comfort. Simple enough for everyone to enjoy with the right focus.

    Enjoy the amazing aroma and feel of Young Living Peppermint + Orange Essential Oils used...

  • 7 min Morning Yoga

    Wake up and move with intention and gratitude. Can you think of a better way to start your day? Me neither. This yoga quickie will have you starting your day feeling energized and ready for anything that comes at you.

    While it's perfect for first thing in the morning, I think this 7 minute yo...

  • Slow Start

    Good morning, friends!

    Welcome to a perfect way to start your day niiiice and sloooowww.

    This practice is especially delicious on the days when your energy level is low and you're feeling the need to focus inward and rejuvenate but you still wanna move.

    You'll love the simple, repetit...

  • Get Up + Go Flow

    Wake up + shine with this quick yoga practice. Designed specifically for morning or anytime you need an energetic lift, this practice will meet you where you're at.

    Focusing on setting an intention for the day and moving our body and breath through Sun Salutations is THE PERFECT way to kick s...