Sun Salutations

Sun Salutations

A quick intro to Sun Salutations: Classic, A, and B.

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Sun Salutations
  • Sun Salutation - Peppermint

    A little bit of movement goes a long way. Enjoy the simple, repetitive movements of a classic Sun Salutation as a way to make a shift during your day.

  • Sun Salutation B - En R Gee

    More fun with sun salutations! Sun B is a great way to build energy and really get your heart and lungs working. Do it alone or add it to one of our other Yoga Quickies for just the right amount of movement for you.

  • Slow Start

    Good morning, friends!

    Welcome to a perfect way to start your day niiiice and sloooowww.

    This practice is especially delicious on the days when your energy level is low and you're feeling the need to focus inward and rejuvenate but you still wanna move.

    You'll love the simple, repetit...