Watch this video and more on Yoga + Oils

Watch this video and more on Yoga + Oils

Hips + Chest Opener Wind Down - Palo Santo

Wind Down – 13m

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  • Yoga for Clarity - Clarity EO

    Take time to slow down, breathe deep into the belly, and discover the clarity you've been seeking has been there all along. We just have to get quiet enough to allow it to bubble up and speak to us.

    Use this practice to help you settle in to your body, and listen to the wisdom of your heart.

  • Intro to Yin Yoga - Harmony

    A form of yoga that utilizes cold muscles and held poses to help open up the body. It is a gentle way to stretch and release while tuning into the body's wisdom.

    Features Young Living Essential Oil: Harmony
    Other great options: Release, Valor, Lavender, PanAway

  • Wind Down + Release

    Long day? Then come here for some insanely delicious restoration.

    When there's nothing left to prove except that you love yourself, this practice will welcome you into the end of the day wind down.

    Featured Young Living Essential Oils: Release or any of your favorite sleepy time oils. Thi...