Yoga for Self-Care

Yoga for Self-Care

For those times when you need to fill up.

Be extra gentle and loving to yourself.

This collection is alllll about showing up and softening.

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Yoga for Self-Care
  • Yoga to Cool Down - Peppermint

    Use this practice to cool down your body, mind and spirit when temperatures run high. A great way to wind down whenever you need time to focus and regroup. Slow down and enjoy this 30 min practice. Plus a quick recipe for a cooling spray to help really cool you down.

  • Yoga for Clarity - Clarity EO

    Take time to slow down, breathe deep into the belly, and discover the clarity you've been seeking has been there all along. We just have to get quiet enough to allow it to bubble up and speak to us.

    Use this practice to help you settle in to your body, and listen to the wisdom of your heart.

  • Intro to Yin Yoga - Harmony

    A form of yoga that utilizes cold muscles and held poses to help open up the body. It is a gentle way to stretch and release while tuning into the body's wisdom.

    Features Young Living Essential Oil: Harmony
    Other great options: Release, Valor, Lavender, PanAway

  • Yoga Walk - A Guided Meditation to Find our Flow (Abundance)

    Taking our yoga off our mat and out into the world for a chance to walk, observe, and breathe with this guided meditation to find our flow.

  • Yoga for Self-Care

    For those days when you've got nothing left. You are completely depleted. This practice is for those days.

    Practicing self-care when we're feeling low is one of the kindest and most loving ways we can treat ourselves.

    This video is all about softening into how you feel. While gently stirr...

  • Slow Start

    Good morning, friends!

    Welcome to a perfect way to start your day niiiice and sloooowww.

    This practice is especially delicious on the days when your energy level is low and you're feeling the need to focus inward and rejuvenate but you still wanna move.

    You'll love the simple, repetit...

  • Y+O: Gentle Yoga Practice

    Enjoy a gentle yoga practice perfect for beginners or more advanced yogis needing a more peace-filled practice.

    Featured Oils: Young Living Eucalyptus Radiata + Bergamot

  • Y+O: Let It Go Flow

    For those times when you're feeling all the feelings, step onto your mat and let it go.

    In this 35 min practice we'll use our breath + body to move energy and soar above the resistance.

    Young Living Essential Oils featured: Release
    Diffuser recipe: Release or Peppermint

  • Wind Down + Release

    Long day? Then come here for some insanely delicious restoration.

    When there's nothing left to prove except that you love yourself, this practice will welcome you into the end of the day wind down.

    Featured Young Living Essential Oils: Release or any of your favorite sleepy time oils. Thi...