Yoga for the Office

Yoga for the Office

Sneak in a little movement and de-stress at the office. Whether you work at home or somewhere else, this collection is just what you'll need to improve concentration and take on your to do list with new clarity.

Each video in this collection has a version WITH audio, and one WITHOUT audio. I got you covered, Boo.

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Yoga for the Office
  • Office Yoga for hips - Eucalyptus Radiate

    Stiff hips gotcha down? Take 9 minutes and open them up. You'll be so glad you did.

  • Yoga for the Office - No Audio

    Bring your yoga with you to the office. And in this video without Audio. Perfect for the super quiet office, or a shared space.

    There are no excuses for not making time for yourself + wellness. At under 9 minutes this practice will have you feeling tip-top and ready to take on the todo list i...

  • Office Yoga Trailer

    START HERE for a quick intro video of what to expect from the Yoga for the Office Collection.