Yoga + Oils Yoga Flow

Yoga + Oils Yoga Flow

Step onto your mat and into the present moment. Enjoy the powerful combo of mindful movement, breath, and the calming, uplifting properties of Young Living essential oils.

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Yoga + Oils Yoga Flow
  • Yoga to Cool Down - Peppermint

    Use this practice to cool down your body, mind and spirit when temperatures run high. A great way to wind down whenever you need time to focus and regroup. Slow down and enjoy this 30 min practice. Plus a quick recipe for a cooling spray to help really cool you down.

  • Grounding, Easy Flow - Cedarwood

    Experience a gentle all-over opening with this grounding, easy flow. Featuring Young Living's Cedarwood Essential Oil.

  • Balanced Flow with Lavender

    This 30 minute practice focuses on creating balance within the body as a way to calm the mind. Perfect for the student with a little bit of experience, and accessible for new yoga students as well.

    Featuring Young Living's Lavender Essential Oil.

  • Yoga Flow for Focus - Orange + Peppermint

    For the days when you need a little more.
    More focus.
    More movement.
    More breath.

    This flow will meet you right at the edge of your comfort. Simple enough for everyone to enjoy with the right focus.

    Enjoy the amazing aroma and feel of Young Living Peppermint + Orange Essential Oils used...

  • Y+O: Joyful Energy

    Yoga is the union of breath and movement. EnJOY a slow-moving practice that keeps you grounded on your mat and connected to your inner knowing + makes room for joy to bubble up and create energy through conscious breath + Movement

    Featured Oil: Young Living Joy Essential Oil.

    Diffuser Reci...

  • Y+O: Feel Good Flow

    Step onto your mat for a feel good yoga practice. Perfect for any time you just need to center and refocus.

    Young Living Essential Oil Featured: Frankincense

    An ancient oil of the Bible, Frankincense has long been known for its uses in meditation and yoga. With its earthy, grounding aroma, ...

  • Y+O: Heart Opening Flow

    Step on to your mat and open your heart to love. Just showing up for yourself is an act of self-love. Way to go!

    Young Living Essential Oils featured Ylang Ylang or Lavender

  • Y+O: Energy Mover

    Get your body + energy moving with this practice focused around breath.

    Featuring Young Living Stress Away Essential Oil Blend.

    Diffuser recipe: Stress Away + Northern Lights Black Spruce

  • Y+O: Gentle Yoga Practice

    Enjoy a gentle yoga practice perfect for beginners or more advanced yogis needing a more peace-filled practice.

    Featured Oils: Young Living Eucalyptus Radiata + Bergamot

  • Y+O: Let It Go Flow

    For those times when you're feeling all the feelings, step onto your mat and let it go.

    In this 35 min practice we'll use our breath + body to move energy and soar above the resistance.

    Young Living Essential Oils featured: Release
    Diffuser recipe: Release or Peppermint

  • Y+O Trailer

    Welcome to the online hub for Yoga + Oils. I'm Shelby and I'm so freaking glad you're here. Saying yes to bringing more mindfulness and movement into your life and home is an act of self-love. And dang I'm proud of you for it! [High fives and hugs!]

    Thanks for trusting me in your sacred space...